Wanted to take a few minutes before school starts and schedules become hectic to sincerely express our appreciation for all your patience, arranging and trying to accommodate every and all our requests to our satisfaction.
China was impressive, not at all what we had imagined. Distances are large.We were greeted promptly by each and every guide. They were all very cordial informative and accommodating and knowledgeable and very proud to show us each and every city.

David in Bejing had us going and going since the moment we stepped off the plane the next morning. When we finally reached the Great Wall we were amazed and had to pinch ourselves to realize we were actually standing there in that amazing structure. Unfortunately we ended up with a rainy day and the view wasn't photo worthy but nonetheless we took pictures and had a most enjoyable aha..... moment.

Peter in Guillin was sweet kind non rushed took his time to explain everything perfect guide proud of his city climbed all those stairs in the longsheng rice fields and even taught my youngest how to bargain for a buddha that Esteban wanted to bring back home. Again we got rain part of the day but had a nice lunch went up the mountainside on our own saw alot of interesting things and no we were not carried up in those special chairs. Ha haha

Julia in Xian was very nice very knowledgable about the terracotta soldiers it was amazing difficult to get photos they were lots and lots of local people and very hot. We did the best we could under the circumstances.She was a trooper being with us on such a long and hot day,

Allan in Shanghai was great funny took us to all the temples and explained the Buddhas read our horoscope took photos of us and yes took us to some interesting places to shop. Allan was funny he went out of his way to take us to shop for specific things I was looking for my mom and he bargained for me. We laughed alot with him. Very professional and we felt we left having a friend in shanghai.

Hong Kong is amazing we covered alot of things on our own and then with my sons friend we ventured to the night market found an amazing restaurant in the streets to eat seafood that we went at least three times.We ventured in the subways trolleys and navigated ourselves pretty well despite the language barrier.

武汉麻将 Thank you again would definitely look forward to planning another future trip to a different part of china with you and will recommend to our friends to call upon you when they plan a lifetime trip to your amazing country.

武汉麻将 P.S. David and Allan will tell you I was constantly being stopped by young girls asking me to take a photo with them.They kept asking me if my hair was naturally curly and they practice their english with us. My sons found that so amusing. I was kind of a celebrity over there. Ha haHa so sweet.

Ate lychee for breakfast every morning loved it. The Tang Dynasty show was incredible although they forgot my sons birthdy cake. Next time. Bonnie Thanks for helping make this family vacation a most memorable one. muchoscarinos Janet Ramiro Ramiro Jose and Esteban

武汉麻将 Querida Bonnie,

Queremos agradecer-lhe a maravilhosa viagem que nos proporcionou, a sua atenção, o cuidado e o carinho que nos dedicou. Ficamos sensibilizados. Aproveitamos para PARABENIZA-LA pela sua eficiência profissional, interesse, boa vontade e sobretudo, paciência no trato com seus passageiros. O restante da viagem também foi ótimo, destacando o atendimeto especial que tivemos em BANGKOK dado pela atenciosa guia KUM TUK e o motorista KUM LOOP.
Looking forward to seeing you in Rio, Saudades e Abraços,
Eleuza e Hibrahim
October 2007

Martha Ballesteros

We had a wonderful time and everything went super well. No major complains except for some restrooms and the train from Xian to Luoyang. As your friend told about another trip on train from Beijing to Datong: I wont recommend even to my worst enemy!. The weather was cold, freezing sometimes and I was not fully prepared but my mother didn't suffer from that. It was my fault that I didn't check the weather channel before departing.
Thanks for all, Martha

[5:51:02 AM] Beatriz Evelyn Lajta: Quero agradecer a vc. em meu nome e da família, a indicação da Marsha em Beijing, ela foi incansável, gentilíssima, nos proporcionou mto. mais do que simplesmente a tarefa dela!!!
Por extensão agradeço a vc. e à Marilene aquí no Rio, de onde tudo começou!
China foi uma revelação, embora nós conheçamos uma boa parte do mundo
武汉麻将 wasoverwhelminglyawesome!!

Bob Harrell and Sunshine Helmer
武汉麻将 The majority of the trip/tour was a dream. The one guide in Bejing (Bonnie) was on her mobile phone way too much. They were all female guides so did not help with luggage and left it for Bob. Thought you should receive the feedback. Thank you for setting up a schedule that we wanted and on the days we needed as well as hotels.My birthday at the Wall could not have been better! To clarify Sunshine's comment about the bags, I found the male drivers ready and helpful in this area.

Agora estamos em HK, e simplesmente deu tudo CERTISSIMO. Realmente a Annie nao quis nos cobrar pelos ingressose o show ERA foi maravilhoso (a verdadeira acrobacia chinesa). Passamos por Macau e arrependemos de nao terficado por la mais 1 dia ... ! A travessia para HK foi em meio a muita chuva pois ha umfuracao na Indonesia e esta por perto ... entao, aquiestamos todos encharcados ... de muita beleza ! Ontem a noite fomos ao restaurante de comida de frutosdo mar que a Nadja mencionou ! Simples e delicioso !!! Onosso guia, Jason, muito inteligente, solicito e gentil !!! Alias, TODOS OS GUIAS na China foram otimos (exceto a Carlotaque foi SENSACIONAL !). Muito obrigada por tudo.

武汉麻将 Esqueci de dizer: o hotel Eaton em Hong Kong eh muito bom e muito bem localizado !Anotei as suas dicas, e o nosso guia ontem tambem havia escrito tudo no mapa !Servico completo e perfeito.From: Olga Santanna Address: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Dear Bonnie
武汉麻将 I still think of the wonder trip we had to China, Macau, and the time I had in HongKong with the girls was fantastic. I never walked so much, the night market they have now , we went every evening. We never had all this when I lived there years back, and on H.K. side that park, in the middle of the town, I have a feeling that it was the Victoria Park in my days. My Dad used to give me Tennis lessons there.Ebby took 200 pictures, they made me a beautiful album, (the album they must have bought in China) with alot of the pics, and the rest they put on a disk, that I can watch on the TV. My regards to your Mom and sister, hope they are keeping well, and you too.

Regards AnnMarie. Greetings from JoAnn and Ebby.
AnnMarie Den HoedDurban, South Africa
It was a great trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong as per usual we had a fabulous time and enjoyed everything. Our best to your mum and sister from ALL the O'Learys.
Marion O'Leary
Sacramento, California

Thank you so much for the wonderful China Trip, everythingwas better than I ever thought, the outings, the food, the entertainment and the Hotels were First Class, I had such alovely time it was more than I could grasp, even my fall at the Summer Palace did not spoil my days out, I just love thefeet massage, I had never had it done in my life, and I am 72 years old. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the short visit to the silk factory, by the time that they dealt with my quilt, I did not have time to go and get myself a Waistcoat, just a plain one would have done. never mind Delays happens and that's life. I enjoyed the ghost villageat Feng Du as I like that kind of stuff. I am terrified of Heights so the chair lift was scarey, I went up with Dorothyand she kept saying to look at this or look at that I had my eyes shut tight. same with the one at the Great Wall.
Well Bonnie, Thanks again and do say Hello to your Mom and Sister, and have a Lovely Christmas PATRICIA SMITH LONDON, U.K.

Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Só hoje, dia 13 de junho, estou começando a ter vida normal e dar atenção às pessoas que me são caras.Meu muito obrigada pela viagem maravilhosa(pena que eu não estava bem de saúde) e por sua atenção para comigo, sempre prestativa e carinhosa. Você está de parabens. Por minhas andanças pela Europa, nunca encontrei uma proprietária/guia como você: prestimosa, gentil, carinhosa e honesta. Sabe porquê...? Você gosta e ama o que faz sem visar lucro.
Mais uma vez, meu muito obrigada por tudo que me foi proporcionado. BjsJarina. JarinaNagem
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Oi Bonnie,
Seguem os meus comentários...Viagem nota 1.000. Excelente!!!! Em todos os quesitos. Estou encantada com os seus serviços e o cuidado na escolha de tudo. Mais uma vez parabéns. Inclui alguns itens que achei importantes. Se algum comentário não estiver claro me avise. São 22 páginas, uma cada dia, cada item. Espero que não tenha ficado cansativo para você. Alguns comentários são pessoais, acredito que para viagens de grupo são irrelevantes. Na parte do Japão já estava meio cansada, por isso não detalhei todos os lugares do City Tour. Se você quiser posso detalhar. Talvez seja legal como dica para os próximos... Agradeço a oportunidade de conhecer pessoas especiais como você. Muito sucesso e felicidade! Até a próxima viagem... Um grande abraço,
Márcia Lima

Marilene Duarte Martins
Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bonnie,jamais esqueceremos de você. Pedimos a DEUS que lhe dê muita saúde para continuar assim. Você foi a grande mãe de todos,com muita dedicação e carinho.
Nós, principalmente com aquelas comemorações de aniversário, estamos realmente comovidas até hoje. Beijos e abraços de,
武汉麻将 Georgina e Marilene.

So uma nota pra dizer que adoramos a viagem e que voce foi sensacional! Esperamos que tenha dado tudo certo com o resto da excursao. Gostamos muito do grupo e do roteiro.
武汉麻将 Falamos mais quando voce voltar. Abraco e bom retorno.

Elisabete e Roberto
Roberto e Elisabete do Valle
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Subject: Viagem China
Oi Yara, Oi Bonnie
Escrevo para agradecer as duas pelo trabalho, foi tudo EXCELENTE e deu tudo certinho! Aproveito para agradecer em especial a Bonnie pela pronta solução do probleminha no Hotel em Hong Kong, eu fiquei meio nervosa pois era o final da viagem e o Sergio já vinha "desconfiado" pois não era um hotel "conhecido". Mas deu tudo certo, a Bonnie resolveu tudo rapidinho e acabamos ficando com o quarto com uma bela vista, sem pagar mais nada.Bom, adoramos tudo! Em Shanghai tive bastante tempo pois o Sergio estava trabalhando e eu tenho uma amiga que mora lá há quase 5 anos e me levou por tudo, inclusive nos bairros da moda.
Beijing acho que acabamos ficando pouco tempo, merecia um (uns?) dia (s) a mais, para passearmos pela cidade sem destino... fica para a próxima! Xian, adoramos os guerreiros e o show da Dinastia Tang, apesar de ser um show para turistas nos surpreendeu, pois era belíssimo, belos figurinos, belas danças. E nossa guia foi um amor: todos cantaram parabéns pra mim em pleno show! Depois Lijiang, AMAMOS, é uma graça de cidade e foi bom termos ido uns dias para o friozinho das montanhas e para uma cidade pequena (para os padrões chineses) depois do calorão e do tamanho de Shanghai, Beijing e Xian.
Em Chengdu adoramos os PANDAS, tanto qu abrimos mão de um passeio a um museu para irmos de novo ao Panda Center. Por fim, em Hong Kong relaxamos um pouco, temos um outro casal de amigos que mora lá e passeamos bastante com eles. Enfim, foi só um resumo superficial da nossa viagem.
Adoramos e, mais uma vez, agradecemos pelas dicas e pela organização. Esperamos contar com vocês em outras viagens! Mando duas fotos nossas, uma em frente ao Buda de Le Shan, que é espetacular, e outra na Montanha do Dragão de Jade, perto de Lijiang. Um beijão
Daniela Weiss - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi Bonnie
We arrived home safely last Sunday. The holiday was fantastic, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but also very glad to have been arriving home. Overall the tour was great, all the drivers and guides was punctual and well spoken. To give you a better idea on each place I comment on each as follows:-

The tours and our guide was really great, thoroughly enjoyed the Great Wall and we are glad we did it on the first day and didn't organize anything else afterwards except lunch. Lunch was delicious but my goodness was there a lot of food.Please pass on to the guide company that "Emily" our guide was fantastic, really lovely and knew all her history.

We stayed at Grand New World Hotel and this was fantastic. I would highly recommend that you send people to this hotel. The staff were all very nice, spoke very good English. Very comfortable rooms and great variety of food at the restaurant. The Tang Dynasty Show & Dinner was worth seeing and we are very glad that we did. Fantastic and would definitely recommend this. As for the tours, the Terracotta Warriors of course was a great site to see. However, The Pagoda we could have really given a miss. We did though give the City wall a miss. My only disappointment was that we never went and had "Dumplings" for lunch, I would have thought since Xian was famous for their dumplings that this is what we would have done instead we had lunch at Xian Hotel which was just a buffet. Really could have done without the buffet as the selection was not very good.Our Guide Sheryl was lovely, she too knew her history and allowed us more time to enjoy the places we visited.

Here we stayed at The Sheraton hotel absolutely lovely rooms, very comfortable and would highly recommend this hotel. Our only thing was that we could not enjoy the hotel. We were in late evening from Xian and then we started early the next day for tour. The next morning we had to get up really early to catch the train so we had no opportunity to really enjoy this lovely hotel. The Panda Research and Breeding Centre was my highlight, unfortunately it was raining that day and plus I was not able to hold a Panda like I wanted to. The tour out to the Dam was an extremely long drive out on not always the best road. Truthfully could have done without it as it ended up being a long day. Having to get up at 5am to be picked up to be taken to the train station was ridiculous and didn't appreciate this.The train was NOT practical, especially with three suitcases and hand carries. The train was extremely uncomfortable, for first class it was pathetic being seated on rock hard beds with three other people on bunkbeds above, our suitcases and hand luggage placed on two of the beds was really not what we needed to experience. It would have been better to have flown rather than spend four and half hours on the train. Plus let me add that we had to carry our bags up and down two flights of stairs just to get to the train and then up the narrow stairs to get in the train. I would never recommend catching the train in China again, not even to someone who is backpacking. It also seemed that we were the only tourists catching the train as well which made it even more uncomfortable.

We visited the Museum about the Three Gorges, which we all found very interesting and I would recommend that you send people here, especially if they are going on the cruise as it gives you an insight into what you will be seeing and the background of the Yangtze River.The hot pot dinner was delicious and I think we all over ate.

Yangtze River Cruise - Victoria Cruises Katarina
This was absolutely fantastic we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as it was both relaxing and the shore excursions included were great. Mum and Dad said they went through the locks and just wanted me to let you know that we didn't. The cruise did mention something about why but I missed the actual reason.Overall the cruise was really great and worthwhile experience.
Even when the guide picked us up he asked us for our e-tickets for the flight, which obviously we didn't have as he was suppose to have all our things. I assume that you would have a contact in Yichang that would have organized the booking of the flight and if this is the case please tell them that you have very unhappy customers and the way it was handled on their end was pathetic.

Well after the delay from our flight, we finally arrived at Shanxi Business Hotel. The reception staff were rude, the room Darren and I were placed in was a box. The bathroom didn't even have enough room to stand there to dry yourself after a shower without knocking yourself on the door or sink. The bedroom didn't even have enough room to walk around the bed properly. The bed itself was horrible, you could feel every spring in your back and every time you moved the bed creaked and woke you up at night. The air conditioning didn't work in either rooms. I did go and speak with reception who gave me a lame excuse of "because its been cold they haven't switched the main air conditioning over to cold". Such a poor excuse considering that the lobby, all the hall ways and restaurants were air conditioned and worked perfectly. Reception did send house keeping up and all they did was switch the a/c off and open the window, well of course we could have done that but there was no way we were going to sleep with the window opened, the noise from the road and the school next door would have woken us up or kept us up all night. Reception didn't even offer to either move us to another room or even send someone up who could actually fix the problem.

The hotel location was not even close to anything, we had to take taxis if we wanted to go anywhere and we found it difficult to even get a taxi back to the hotel. There were no restaurants around us that we could have gone to so we ended up eating in the hotel each night. We were all very disappointed in this hotel and we wished we never stayed. I can say that after the first night I would have been very happy to get on a flight and come home as I was not enjoying the last part of my holiday due to the fact the hotel was so bad. I would not consider this hotel to be a four star and the hotel should be ashamed of itself for even thinking it is. My recommendation to you is that you DO NOT ever send any future customers to this hotel, it is so out of the way and as stated above the staff rude. With all the hotels to choose from, especially all the ones down near the bund etc I don't understand why we stayed here, fair enough if it was only a block away but we couldn't even walk down as it would have taken us close to or over 30mins to walk to the bund.
Overall, we did enjoy the whole tour obviously except for the hotels and train mentioned above.We would like to thank you again for all your assistance in putting this tour together for us and we hope that you take our comments into consideration at the end of the day our holiday should have been stress free but with those few problems it wasn't always.

Darren & Daniella


Hi! This is Rebecca's friend Katie. First and foremost, I wanted to thank you again for your efforts putting together the trip to Brazil. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed meeting the family. I told Uncle Ricky that I was going to invite myself on the next Collaco family vacation. I really hope that you enjoyed yourself as well.

Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday!
Katie Phetteplace - San Francisco, California

Hi Bonnie! I just want to thank you for all your help in our trip to China; everything went great and the people that you deal with overthere are ver good and nice. If I ever now somebody that wants to travel to China I will always recomend you. Thanks again. Luisa
Luisa and Carlos Cadavid - Broward - Florida - USA

I am glad I went on the Portugal trip and happy to have met you. I just wanted to Thanks you for the best trip I had. If you talk with Isabel, please thank her, she has restore my pride of my Portuguese heritage. Please also thank the drive for me too, he is nice guy, sorry for forgetting his name. I wish both of them all the best.
Have a safe flight and trip wherever you going. looking forward to seeing again next year. Thanks again.

Eduardo Gutierrez - Sydney, Australia

Obrigada por tudo!Maravilhoso todo o programa da China. Já estamos trabalhando para o próximo ano um novo grupo. VERONICA DEBELLIAN

We are finally at home after a wonderful 5 weeks away. Thank you and your agents for making our trips to Chile and Peru so very enjoyable and problem free. Would you please thank your agent in Chile very much for me. We were met each time we flew into Santiago Airport by Bernardo, who was punctual, a perfect gentleman, very knowledgeable and the transportation facility was clean and comfort. Our trip to Patagonia was just great and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in "Hosteria Los Torres". We are so glad that we did not stay in the "Explora Hotel", as it was so far from Los Torres del Paine. The accommodation in Hosteria Los Torres was excellent. We were given rooms in the new wing of their extension. The food, staff and in particular the guides for the tours were just wonderful and so obliging. Will you please thank Evelyn Garcia of "Peru Best Travel" for an excellent itinerary. Our guide Carmen Ortiz was always there to meet us and nothing was too much of a bother to her. She was excellent and knowledgeable. Enjoyed our stay at "Sol de Oro", which was within walking distance from the main shopping area. The trip to Ceiba Tops was great and the facilities excellent. Once again, thank you for all your assistance. I look forward in the near future to be your client again. In the meantime, take care.
Therese Alonco
Sydney , NSW Australia - Thursday, April 02, 2009 at 02:18:26 (EDT)

Hi Bonnie: The trip to China, Hong Kong and Japan in July 2008 was great!!! Mil gracias por todo. Ana Maria y Jaime Ana Maria and Jaime Doria Medina
武汉麻将 Washington , DC USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 00:45:49 (EDT)

Tia Bonnie, queria deixar registrado aqui o quão proveitosa foi a nossa "viagem ao Oriente", como disse meu pai. Conheci árvores que nunca tinha visto antes, experimentei pratos bem diferentes daqueles com os quais o meu paladar infantil está habituado, tive contato com novos idiomas, além de muitos outros aprendizados. A convivência com outras pessoas também foi muito agradável: foi um enorme prazer conhecer a Helena, a Aparecida, alguns dos seus amigos e, é claro, passar um tempo na sua companhia. Nem é preciso dizer que os hotéis, os restaurantes e os passeios foram todos muito bem selecionados, deixando a viagem impecável. Muito obrigado por tudo!
Guilherme Seminotti Braga
武汉麻将 Itabira, MG Brasil - Monday, July 28, 2008 at 17:02:41 (UTC)

Dear Bonnie and Claire, Congratulations !!!!! Mr. Arceo came over yesterday and was telling me about the great time they had in Africa. He...or they... are very happy with the "excellent service" received and said every single detail worked out perfectly. Also mentioned that the tour guides were very good...specially the one in South Africa. And I personally would like to express you my gratitude. Thank you for everything you have done.
Best Regards, Olga
OlgaMera - Avanti Travel
武汉麻将 Miami , FLORIDA USA - Monday, July 28, 2008 at 01:07:13 (UTC)

Bonnie adorei a viagem, aproveito para agradecer toda sua atenção e carinho. muito muito obrigada por tudo um abraço Carolina Maria Carolina Pinheiro
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil - Monday, July 14, 2008 at 04:10:55 (UTC)

Olá Bonnie, chegamos bem, e encantadas com a viagem. Valeu!
Dionea Junqueira Reis
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Monday, July 14, 2008 at 04:02:32 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie! Just wanted to say hello. Todd and I still haven't unpacked everything from China. All of our souvenirs, books, postcards, etc. are still in a suitcase. It really was an amazing trip. Not a day goes by without me thinking of something we did on the trip. Thank you again for setting it up for us. Stephanie and Todd
Stephanie Eberline
Boca Raton, Florida USA - Monday, July 07, 2008 at 18:58:44 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie, The trip to China was very interesting, and we were very satisfied with the arrangements you made for us with the exception of the Hong Kong tour. I agree with everything that Ken described on his May 31, 2008 e-mail, but I want to further praise Jane for her services as a guide in Beijing and for the professional way that she handled the difficult situation with the driver. I believe his name was Mr. Chu (not sure on the spelling). I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with both her e-mail address and her supervisor's e-mail address so that I can formally express my gratitude for her outstanding service.
武汉麻将 Virginia USA - Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 09:26:47 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to let you know that with a few exceptions (see below), the arrangements you made for us in China were very good. So thank you very much! Also, most of your suggestions for certain activities were right on target. Your arrangements, including the flights, made our trip very successful, and less stressful. It was the first time we had airport pickups and we will now arrange similar services for future trips. The tour guides and drivers were very prompt in almost all cases (see exceptions below), and the guides were very nice, knowledgeable, and professional. They were also very accommodating. By far, Jane (Beijing) was one of the best guides we have ever had in any of our travels. Also, Jane was very aware that we had no interest in visiting certain "factories" for the sole purpose of visiting gift shops. She also went above and beyond in several instances by providing us additional services at no extra cost on her own time. Nancy in Shanghai was also very good, was very helpful, and very pleasant. Helen in Xian was very professional and knowledgeable. Exceptions: (1) Beijing: The driver in Beijing became very angry at us because we would not agree to go to a jade factory. It was not even part of our arrangements to begin with, and by that point in the trip, Larisa and I had no desire to see anymore jade or to visit factory gift shops. Although he did not express his anger at us directly, he argued with Jane about it for a very long time. He even called Jane's boss to complain about it. Additionally, on the way back from the Wall, he was so angry about it that he drove very dangerously—at one point he reached 150 kilometers per hour, which is about 95 miles per hour. I almost asked him to pull over for another driver, but I did not want to further upset him. However, it was a very dangerous ride, and from what I understand, he will no longer contract with Jane's company. (2) Hong Kong: Based on your suggestion, we booked a ½ day tour of Hong Kong Island. It was not something that Larisa and I really wanted when we initially contacted you; however, we thought it might be useful. However, the tour was a waste of money and time—it also was not a ½ day. Looking back, Larisa and I should have asked you exactly what sights were included on this tour before we agreed to it. In the end, the driver and guide were trying to make some additional money on the side, thereby taking advantage of us, which we did not appreciate. Additionally, we started the tour at 10am and were dropped off at 1pm (a total of 3 hours); however, the 3 hours included a 30-40 minute boat ride in the fishing boat village, which was not part of our original arrangements, at additional cost to us. Therefore, in the end the tour was only about 2 ½ hours, not a ½ tour in our opinion. (3) Hong Kong Hotel Pickup: The driver stated that he would pick us up at 6:00 am on the 28th to take us to the airport for our flight to Shanghai. The paper work he provided us at the time he picked us up at the airport also stated this. However, he did not show up until 6:40. He did not attempt to contact us at the hotel to notify us that he was going to be late—no one did. Larisa and I had to call the contact (woke her up) to find out were the driver was. She contacted the driver and told us he would be there by 6:30, which he was not. Then, he drove so fast because he was late as a result, which was very dangerous. Again, thank you for your assistance. I have to admit that other than the Hong Kong issues, we were very satisfied with the arrangements you made for us.

Ken Kenneth Varvaro
Miami, FLORIDA USA - Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 09:24:24 (UTC)

Querida Bonnie Adorei a viagem pois fostes uma pessoa maravilhosa conosco. Nao tenho palavras para te agradecer. Pretendo ainda fazer muitas viagens contigo. Alem de seres otima profissional es uma companhia muito agradavel. Obrigada por tudo. Cida Hong Kong 10/05/08 Maria Aparecida Mello
武汉麻将 Porto Alegre , RS Brasil - Monday, May 12, 2008 at 04:31:59 (UTC)

Querida Bonnie foi muito bom lhe conhecer juntamente com o Guilherme. A sua companhia foi maravilhosa. Agradeco por toda a sua atencao e pela incansaveldedicacao oferecida. Obrigada.
Helena HelenaLorenzatto
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Monday, May 12, 2008 at 04:29:46 (UTC)

Oi Bonnie, Eu sou a Satiko da viagem da China. Estou muito feliz com a viagem realizada com vc e o grupo. Foi fantástico!!! Olha, se vc montar a viagem p/ a India, não esqueça de mim. Estou esperando... Com relação a viagem da China espero que vc mande as fotos para mim. (Pode ser para este email) Bjos, SatikoMiyashita
武汉麻将 SaoPaulo , SP BRAZIL - Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 23:24:42 (UTC)

Dear Bonnie, Thank you so much for the wonderful China Trip, every thing was better than I ever thought, the outings, the food, the entertainment and the Hotels were First Class, I had such a lovely time it was more than I could grasp, even my fall at the Summer Palace did not spoil my days out, I just love the feet massage, I had never had it done in my life, and I am 72 years old. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the short visit to the silk factory, by the time that they dealt with my quilt, I did not have time to go and get myself a Waistcoat, just a plain one would have done. never mind Delays happens and that's life. I enjoyed the ghost village at Feng Du as I like that kind of stuff. I am terrified of Heights so the chair lift was scary, I went up with Dorothy and she kept saying to look at this or look at that I had my eyes shut tight. same with the one at the Great Wall. Well Bonnie, Thanks again and do say Hello to your Mom and Sister, and have a Lovely Christmas. Pat.
Patricia Smith
武汉麻将 London, England - Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 04:34:09 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie, Just want to take this time to thank you so much for getting me on board to Macau on such a late date. You and Maria were terrific in taking such good care of all of us. I appreciate all you did for me and the Lusitano and UMA group. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your mom. She has such a gentle spirit and she is pretty too! I wish I had more time to sit and talk with her. Please give her a big hug for me. So glad I met you also. Please, when you get the chance to visit Los Angeles, let me know. Gaby and I would love to have you stay with either one of us. Again, thank you for helping me have a wonderful time in Macau. Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2008.
Fondly, May Silva May Silva
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 21:20:32 (UTC)

Cara Bonnie, Até hoje, não comentamos sobre a viagem,aqui, apesar de termos lhe agradecido por e-mail, logo que chegamos no Brasl. Viajar com você foi

um presente de Deus a nós. Sua simplicidade,serenidade, seriedade, competência,controle, sensibilidade,atenção, imparcialidade, bom humor, cortesia e seu conhecimento tornaram a viagem suave e agradável. Tudo isso, também,nos permitiu desfrutar intensamente das atrativos dos locais visitados. Sentimos-nos privilegiadas por conviver com você. Ressaltamos, também, a vivência agradável e harmônica entre as pessoas do grupo. A sensação que se tinha era a de que formávamos um verdadeira família. Esperamos ter a chance de viajar novamente com você.
Zara e Baginha Maria das Graças(Baginha) e Maria do Rosário (Zara)mgras@oi.com.br zaras@oi.com.
Itabira, MG Brasil - Tuesday, January 08, 2008 at 02:15:18 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie,l...You did a wonderful job for us all and I want to thank you in particular since I assume it was a massive task doing all the arranging for all those people. The Vietnam contingency absolutely loved the trip (except perhaps Orlanda who it turns out, is almost strictly a meat eater so all our seafood didn't make her happy but the rest of us were very happy!). The four of us who stayed at the Salisbury Y also had a great time there - the Y was extremely efficient and professional and the rooms were wonderful. We even had a view of the harbor and the Hong Kong skyline. Anyway, you and your staff did a great job, we all had such a good time seeing everyone, family, old friends, wonderful places. I loved seeing Fabia again, and your sister, and of course, you. Thanks so much Bonnie. - Susana
Susana Canavarro
武汉麻将 San Francisco , California USA - Saturday, December 29, 2007 at 21:05:07 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie, My wife and I would like to thank you for making our hotel arrangements for us. We are most pleased with the hotel arrangements you made for us at BP International Hotel. The staff were very efficient and pleasant. Will be writing to them to express my feelings, especially, since we got into the hotel very late on our own as we did not come with a group. You did an excellent job! The Worrier, Maria & Bob
Robert and Maria Xavier San Francisco , CA USA - Saturday, December 29, 2007 at 17:07:58 (UTC)

Hi there We would like to thank you for organizing such a fantastic trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong. We had great fun and it was good to finally meet you all. Many thanks Jo-Ann &Ebby
Anne Marie Den Hoed
武汉麻将 Johanesburg, South Africa - Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 17:25:58 (UTC)

Dear Bonnie, I want to let you know that I had a fabulous time on the trip to China. Thank you very much. It amazes me that you are able to pack so many adventures into one two week trip. The whole trip was perfect. I'm particularly happy that I went on this trip because I was able to meet many distant cousins, and to meet people who had the same experiences as my mother growing up in Shanghai. Again, thank you for creating such great memories. I will never forget this trip. Claudia
Claudia Swanson
武汉麻将 Denver, Colorado USA - Sunday, December 09, 2007 at 08:41:45 (UTC)

Hi Bonnie Just want say thanks. It was a very exciting and fun trip to Macau and Hong Kong. Thanks Again.
Robert Roliz
San Francisco , California USA - Sunday, December 09, 2007 at 08:35:43 (UTC)

Thank you for all that you did for us on the trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong - November 15-December 6,2007. We had a wonderful time. May you have a great Christmas and New Year. Dorinda Banken and Jennifer Banken
Dorinda and Jennifer Banken
武汉麻将 San Francisco , CA USA - Sunday, December 09, 2007 at 08:33:30 (UTC)

Bonnie, jamais esqueceremos de você. Pedimos a DEUS que lhe dê muita saúde para continuar assim. Você foi a grande mãe de todos,com muita dedicação e carinho. Nós, principalmente com aquelas comemorações de aniversário, estamos realmente comovidas até hoje. Temos interesse de receber as cópias dos DVDS e fotos. Beijos e abraços de, Georgina e Marilene.
Georgina e Marilene
Itabira, Minas Gerais Brasil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 17:03:36 (UTC)

Beijing - 18-20/9/2007 - Guia pontual, cortes, muitosimpatico, transmite alegria e atencioso. O bom humor foi fundamental. Motorista como parece costume buzina muito. Nao ha comunicacao entre passageiros e motoristas. Passeio / Ponto turistico - excelente. Os pontos turisticos escolhidos com sabedoria, talvez os poucos dias nao nos permitam passar mais tempo em alguns deles por isso as vezes sao muitas visitas em pouco tempo. O que mais gostei foi a Grande Muralha foi realmente impressionante. Sugestao - como todo grupo e dificil conciliar os desejos. Nao sei se seria possivel em alguns dias termos opcoes distintas como ir a uma loja ou ponto turistico determinados. Muito bonito a praca da Paz Celestial e a Cidade Proibida, um pouco cansativo devido as distancias, mas valeu muito pela historia e grandiosidade. Talvez a cidade proibida deva ser visitada em um tempo mais curto. Rodrigo e Cris Drummond
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 17:01:04 (UTC)

Beijing - China - 17/8/2007 - guia pontual, culto, cortes, domina o idioma, excelente. Naoha outra forma de falarmos sem ainda citar simpatia, paciencia e educacao (10 c/ louvor). Motorista bem humorado e tambemsimpatico e muito bem educado. Roteiros desejaveis, profissionais, agradaveis e competentes e na verdade, voltaria mul vezes e faria tudo igual. Naoha um dia, mas sim, os dias que seraoinesqueciveis e tudo de taoboa qualidade que naoha o que se destacar. Sugestao: continuar da mesma forma e nao mudar nada.
Leia Alves da Silva Costa
Niteroi , Rio de Janeiro Brasil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 16:54:50 (UTC)

Querida Bonnie, Antes de mais nada gostaria de dizer que ADOREI a viagem e agradecer por tudo o que fez para que tudo desse certo. Beijing - Muralhas e Templo do Ceu - guia pontual e corte, guia fala quase nada de portugues. Demorou muito na loja de souvernis embora tenha sido para esperar o horario do almoco. Gostei muito do Palacio de Verao e do passeio da Muralha. Xian - guia pontual, culto, cortes, domina o idioma e nao fala portugues, so espanhol, mas muito muito simpatica. Nao imaginava que a cidade de Xian fosse tao impactante. Destaco o passeio das terracotas.
Lucia Helena Sampaio Fernandes
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 16:51:19 (UTC)

Beijing - 18-20/9/07 Carlos - Guia pontual, culto, corte, alem do mais simpatico, prestativo e muito bem humorado sempre. Os passeios foram de muito bom gosto, apesar de cansativos. A grande muralha, sua grandiosidade e beleza emocionou e encantou a todos. Apesar de ser dificil agradar todo um grupo, que tal levar o pessoal a um ponto turistico fora dos que estao no programa? Se e que existe algo interessante, alem do que vimos. Candida / Geraldo Drummond Já estamos com saudades da nossa viagem à China. Obrigada por tudo, foi realmente um passeio estupendo o que fizemos com você. Não se esqueça de nos dar notícias e lembre-se da nossa excursão, "onlywomen". Beijos e que Deus a proteja sempre, Cândida,Geraldo, Cris e Rodrigo Candida e Geraldo Drummond
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 16:38:45 (UTC)

Viagem Maravilhosa com Bonnie Querida Bonnie,Esperamos que tenha encontrado todos bem, e o Baby cheio de saúde.Queremos agradecer-lhe a maravilhosa viagem que nos proporcionou, a sua atenção, o cuidado e o carinho que nos dedicou. Ficamos sensibilizados. Aproveitamos para PARABENIZA-LA pela sua eficiência profissional, interesse, boa vontade e sobretudo, paciência no trato com seus passageiros.O restante da viagem também foi ótimo, destacando o atendimeto especial que tivemos em BANGKOK dado pela atenciosa guia KUM TUK e o motorista KUM LOOP.Lookingforwardtoseeingyou in Rio,Saudades e Abraços,Eleuza e Hibrahim
Eleuza & Hibrahim
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 16:32:08 (UTC)

Querida Bonnie Acabo de chegar do Viajarte... Ainda sob efeito do fuso estou em casa acessando emails e amanha estou na ABC. Mais uma vez agradeço seu empenho com o grupo o que foi sem duvida uma das chaves do sucesso dessa viagem. Aproveito para enfatizar nosso encantamento com o Tibet....Trata-se da ultima fronteira e ainda sem efeitos de globalização. Todos adoraram e sentimo-nos num programa da NationalGeographic... Vou entrar nos eixos e volto ao ar. Bem Vindos a todos e breve reunimos com filmes fotos e fatos Jorge 21 OUTUBRO 2004
RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ BRAZIL - Friday, August 03, 2007 at 04:16:48 (UTC)

Bonnie Aproveito a carona da turma para te dar parabéns pelo forma que voce conduziu nosso grupo. Sem duvida nenhuma voce tornou nosso viajarte um sucesso, conseguiu proporcionar para o Jorginho e para mim um conforto enorme. Nos sentimos inteiramente de férias...Valeu! - 22 OUTUBRO 2004 Obrigada por tudo! Tenho certeza que esse foi o começo de uma longa jornada juntas. Um beijo carinhoso Luciana Adayme
SAO PAULO , SP BRAZIL - Friday, August 03, 2007 at 04:15:10 (UTC)

A viagem foi espetacular, principalmente pelo seu empenho pessoal em fazer tudo dar certo. Nossos agradecimentos pelo profissionalismo e também pelo carinho e amizade. Um abração meu e da Marcia. Luiz Fernando Barcellos (Marrom) - 24 outubro 2004
Luiz Fernando Barcellos
武汉麻将 Sao Paulo, SP BRAZIL - Friday, August 03, 2007 at 04:12:02 (UTC)

Back in Miami! Thanks again for arranging the trip for us. It was wonderful. We got to see so much in the limited time we had. I wanted to be sure you knew that we were very happy with the trip, flights, itinerary, tours, etc. As we had limited time to correspond, I only brought up the "rough spots" while we were there. Loved Guilin yangshuo. Shanghai guide a bit heavy on the "commissioned" stops: silk display, tea house, optional tours, shop at lunch stop. Unfortunately, our wonderful luck with the weather ran out in Hong Kong. We awakened the last two days to solid black thunderstorm clouds. You couldn't even see "the peak" so we didn't get to do that. We decided to go to Disney after all since their attractions are nearly all indoors. We're seasoned travelers and have done "the parks" in the rain. The skies held out and the park was quite empty so we enjoyed a nice day (riding space mountain about 8 times!)
武汉麻将 MIAMI, FLORIDA USA - Friday, August 03, 2007 at 03:45:00 (UTC)

do look forwards to hearing your feedback and thanks for your taking time. Regards Le Dinh Son/Mr. Marketing Director Le Dinh Son ledinhson@imperial-hotel.com.vn
hue, Vietnam - Monday, July 30, 2007 at 03:03:08 (UTC)

Dear Bonnie, Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. Everything worked out well, the tours were great, the hotels, the guides. I truly enjoyed China and my grandson had a wonderful time. He was very popular there, everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him. the guides are very hard working. The names were: Shanghai - Sammy; Beijing - Dorothy; Xian - Susan; Guilin - Johnny. The drivers were also very helpful and courteous. Adelina Thank you again and I am recommending your services to anyone that wants to travel to China. Regards, Adelina AdelinaLarena
Miami , FL USA - Thursday, July 05, 2007 at 20:14:02 (UTC)

Bonnie, So uma nota pra dizer que adoramos a viagem e que voce foi sensacional! Esperamos que tenha dado tudo certo com o resto da excursao. Gostamos muito do grupo e do roteiro. Falamos mais quando voce voltar. Abraco e bom retorno. Elisabete e Roberto
Elisabeth e Roberto Valle
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRAZIL - Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 10:49:14 (EDT)

o de Janeiro ,
武汉麻将 RJ BRAZIL - Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 10:47:37 (EDT)

Bonnie querida, Quero lhe agradecer pelos momentos maravilhosos que você nos proporcionou na China e em Hong Kong. ~Você é ótima.Sua viagem é impecável. Tambem amei o Japão e Africa do Sul. Obrigada por tudo
Carolina Artero
SaoPaulo , SP BRAZIL - Friday, June 08, 2007 at 09:14:06 (EDT)

Olá Bonnie Você está de parabéns pela maravilhosa excursão que nos proporcionou. Todas nós ficamos cativadas pela sua atenção, cuidado com nosso bem estar, procurando sempre atender com a máxima presteja nossas necessidades. Parabéns e a nossa gratidão por tudo que nos proporcionou. Com a amizade e a admiração de Benize
Benize Dantas
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Friday, June 08, 2007 at 08:07:31 (EDT)

Olá Bonnie, Queremos que saiba que a viagem superou nossas expectativas que já eram muito boas. Tudo nota 10. Programação da melhor qualidade, serviço perfeito. Todo o pessoal envolvido se empenhou ao máximo para que tudo saísse super bem. A sua companhia sempre disponível e gentil contribuiu, com certeza, para o sucesso do passeio. Sentimos sua falta no jantar no Palace. Foi um programa muito agradável, de acordo com o número de estrelas. Todo o grupo de Itabira tem esta mesma opinião e só se ouve elogios a toda programação. Abraços Lígia e Pilonel
Ligia & Pilonel
Itabira, Minas Gerais Brazil - Friday, June 08, 2007 at 07:21:41 (EDT)

Hi Bonnie: Your itinerary went like clockwork. The tour was great, a little too long with no free time to catch up on lost sleep etc. The food with one or two exceptions was lousy to everyone's dismay. Many dishes were duplicates and had some of the same dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three to four days. Boring !. There was just not enough time to order special dishes. All this of course has nothing to do with you. CITS should do something about having a radical menu change. We were served many cold dishes which almost nobody ate. I'll be more than glad to offer my suggestions if you think it will help. I can recall at one restaurant ( I think it was in Shanghai) where they served a whole fish for the first time of the entire tour. There were 10 people on the table and the fish could only serve five people. When we brought it to the attention of the guide who in turn explained this to the waitress, they said there was nothing they could do about it. Thanks for everything. Maurice
Maurice Kong
武汉麻将 Miami , FL USA - Friday, June 08, 2007 at 07:18:42 (EDT)

Hi Bonnie, We just got back yesterday and wanted to tell you that we had a great time and loved Portugal. Every place we visited was beautiful, the people were very nice and the food delicious! We ate fish and seafood to last for a lifetime. Also, wanted to thank you and your travel reps in Portugal and Spain because all the hotels were very good and we enjoyed our stay on them. Hope your trip to China went well as well.
MIAMI, FL USA - Monday, June 04, 2007 at 13:13:55 (EDT)

Just a little note to thank you for a beautiful vacation to Hong Kong and China, everything was great and thank you for a wonderful birthday your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated. Nancy and Donnie
Don and Nancy
San Francisco , California USA - Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 02:00:15 (EDT)

Dear Bonnie, Thank you so much for the reservation at the Hotel Rendevous in Singapore. The morning buffet is great! The fengshui of this hotel is phenomenal! the service is wonderful and the beds and rooms are delightful. The location allowed us to go one way to Chinatown and the other way to Little India. We had a great time. Also, in Chiang Mai. It is like coming home! Light and Love, Maxine-Jerry!
Jerry and Maxine Shapiro
Boston , MA USA - Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 22:24:08 (EST)

Querida Bonnie, Tantos atropelos tive ao voltar da China que não realizei a minha intenção de lhe escrever agradecendo todo o seu empenho e dedicação para que a nossa viagem fosse como foi, MARAVILHOSA!!! Realmente, tantos adjetivos como linda, emocionante, surpreendente, paradoxal, encantadora, e outros nesse nível, sequer chegam para descrevê-la a quem não viveu o que vivemos na China! MUIIITO, MUITÍSSIMO OBRIGADA!!! Para mim, que "caí de paraquedas" no último minuto, sem ter participado das escolhas, confesso que tinha um certo receio, mas o que quero lhe afirmar é que achei o roteiro irrepreensível, quase intocável. Algumas poucas sugestões teria para lhe oferecer, em outro momento, de muito bom grado. Elda
Elda Guimaraes da Luz
Salvador, Bahia Brazil - Friday, December 29, 2006 at 15:43:14 (EST)

Bonnie, Estou te escrevendo para agradecer (em nome da inha irmã tb) todo o suporte durante a viagem que fizemos à China. Realmente nos sentimos muito protegidas especialmente quanto ao incidente com a Sandra quando foi internada .Tudo muito difícil mas valeu a experiência Tenha a certeza que vamos ser a maiores propagandistas da sua Empresa Vamos ver se podemos fazer INDIA no próximo ano. Se tiveres algo já montado por favor me envie com estimativa de custo Um grande beijo Heloisa Molinari
Heloisa Molinari
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Friday, December 29, 2006 at 15:38:36 (EST)

Bonnie! We are back! Thank you for the work you did for us! We had a great time!!! All of us!!! FYI. Beijijng is great! Shangai is great! Japan we did not have and we did not miss about it. Hong Kong could be better. They sent to us spanish guy and than we been waiting too long for replacing. Singapure was good. But city is great. Malasia is not much to be exited. Bangkok is great. My wife is in love with Singopure and Shanghai. Happy Holidays!!! Michael
San Francisco , California USA - Friday, December 29, 2006 at 15:33:53 (EST)

Dear Mr. Said; The purpose of this message is to express my satisfaction on the services rendered by CSTM Voyages during our trip to Marrocos from September 16 to 23, 2006. Particularly I want to thank you and your staff for all the efforts and activities related to the sad episode of having our luggage lost by Royal Air Marroc since we arrived on Saturday at Casablanca until we received them at Marrakech the next Friday. Special thanks to your assistant, for whom ,as a token of our appreciation, we left with Mr. Mohammed our driver 500 MAD. If we will visit Marrocos again ( we hope so) , or have friends willing to visit your country , we will certainly use or recommend your agency. Best regards JaquesScvirer
Jacques Scvirer
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 00:11:40 (EST)

Mongolia - October 2006 This trip provided me the Mongolian experience I came for. Excellent: timely and regular information from our guide, friendly and willing assistance from trip staff; food on the trip; itinerary; general logistics. Standard of accommodations: poor and ok in some gers. Recommendations for improvements: the wc was closed in the first ger, we had to move; for me it is essencial a good wc / bathroom. Enjoyed most: landscape, people, food, music, the folk show, stay in ger. Enjoyed least: one ger I felt cold, if it is possible to have wc in the ger I would like. I will come back to Mongolia again for a holiday. I will recommend Karakorum Expeditions to friends and relatives. I loved the trip, the guide and the driver were excellent. Thank you. Boni Mariano
Boni Mariano
武汉麻将 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brazil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 23:08:59 (EST)

Mongolia - October 2006 Expectations of the trip - Excellent, provided me the Mongolian experience I came for. Excellent - timely and regular information from guide, family and willing assistance from trip staff, food on the trip, itinerary, general logistics. Standard of accommodations- good To make trip better - need to improve the roads. Enjoyed everything in Mongolia. Enjoyed least - some ger accommodations but when we changed to others it was ok. I will come back to Mongolia for a holiday and will recommend Karakorum Expeditions to friends and relatives. I will like to come back to visit Mongolia. It is a great country and very nice people. Elga de Oliveira Dourado. 10/10/2006
Elga de Oliveira Dourado
Salvador, Bahia Brazil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 23:03:52 (EST)

Gostei: Beijing- Cidade Proibida, Grande Muralha, Hutong; Xian - Terracota, Hangzhou - Lago Oeste, Wuzhen - Aldeia, Suzhou - fabrica de seda Menos gostei: transito caotico, banheiros fedorentos. Recomendacao: treinamento aos guias e pessoas que atendem aos turistas na China especialmente em Beijing; Guia Alicia em Beijing soube explicar muito bem os fatos historicos mas precisa de orientacao para lidar com os turistas pois todo o povo chines me parece que tem um modo intolerante. Guia em Xian - otima, Hangzhou e Wuzhen e Shanghai - bom Motoristas: bons.
Maria Sueli do Nascimento
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 22:56:01 (EST)

Gostei de todos os passeios em Beijing, Xian - Terracota da Dinastia Han, passeio de barco Rio Li em Guilin, Hangzhou e Wuzhenprogramacao perfeita, tempo de permanencia ideal; Shanghai apesar de estarmos participando somente do 1o. dia acredito que os passeios tambemseraootimos como hoje. Guias: Beijing - Alicia com potencial falta-lhe entretanto equilibrio; Xian - boa, atenciosa com bom conhecimento; Guiulin - boa, "espirituosa", profissional; Hangzhou e Wuzhen - otima; shanghai - otimo. Motorista - Beijing muito bommas buzina demais, Xian - muito bom, cordial; Guilin - bom mas buzina muito, tambem cordial; Hangzhou e Wuzhen - pessima higiene do onibus e buzina muito usando freios em demasia; Shanghai - otimo. Menos gostei: Beijing- almoco no 1o. dia, Xian so faltou tempo para massagem; Guilin - almoco e condicoes do barco, Hangzhou - onibus; Shanghai - transito e comportamento dos motoristas e motoqueiros, nao respeitam a faixa de pedestres e avancam o sinal em risco aos pedestres. Como podemos melhorar: incluir opera de Pequim em Beijing; Xian - devido a quantidade de atividades mais algumas horas; Guilin - incluir o show noturno; Hangzhou - incluir os jantares, tivemos dificuldade para escolha. Bonnie, So tenho a agradecer este dias maravilhosos, e ter a confirmacao do que voce havia informado que tudo seria tranquilo sem problemas, e tudo se confirmou. Muito obrigada mesmo. Grande abraco. Ate breve. Elba Regina Fonseca.
Elba Regina Fonseca
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 22:03:31 (EST)

China - setembro 2006 Mais gostei: Cidade Proibida, Grande Muralha em Mutianyu,Hutong tour com almoco em casa de familia, show da Dinastia Tang, Museu Terracota, passeio pelo Lago Oeste, a aldeia de Wuzhen, jardins de Suzhou e Yu Yuan. Guia - Beijing: Alicia e competente mas precisando ser lapidada na educacao; Carlota - graciosa e paciente; Song - muito gentil e cuidadosa ajudou-me muito;Shanghai - bom. Motoristas: bons. Obs: os motoristas nao respeita o sinal e o publico. Quase fui atropelada por uma motocicleta. Viagem muito boa. 10 de setembro 2006.
Dorothy da Silva
Rio de Janeiro , RJ BRASIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 21:28:36 (EST)

China - Setembro 2006 Mais gostamos: Achamos todos os locais interessantes, cruzeiro Rio Li, museu Terracota, Pagode das 6 Harmonias, Topografia de Hangzhou, passeio na aldeia de Wuzhen, Torre de TV, passeio de barco Rio Huang Pu, andar de trenzinho em Yangshuo. Menos gostamos: em todas as cidades banheiros mal cheirosos e falta de papel higienico, pouco tempo para assimilar tudo em Xian, Shanghai - transito de carros e ciclistas. Guia - Beijing - transmitiu bem as informacoes, um pouco estressada, motorista normal para bom. Xian - guia simpatica, agradavel e eficiente, motorista educado e prestativo Guilin - guia simpatica, alegre, bastante informativa. Motorista muito prestativo. Hangzhou e Wuzhen - guia educada, prestativa e muito eficiente, motovista muito bom, risonho e prestativo. shanghai - guia normal, motorista bom. Cabe ao governo ajudar a melhorar.
Nilo e Leni Carmona
Rio de Janeiro , RJ BRASIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:42:45 (EST)

China - Setembro 2006 Mais gostei: Beijing- Cidade Proibida, Xian - Museu Terracota da Dinastia Han, Guilin - Cruzeiro Rio Li, Hangzhou - Passeio pelo Lago Oeste, Wuzhen - tudo, foi perfeito. O que menos gostei - almoco em Beijing 1o. dia, almoco no barco em Guilin, loucura do transito em Hangzhou, desrespeito aos pedestres em Shanghai. Guias - bom em Beijing, otimo em todas as outras cidades, motorista bom em Wuzhen e Hangzhou e otimo em todas as outras cidades. No geral fiquei muito satisfeita, com sua presteza e boa vontade, me impressionaram. Muito obrigada e oportunamente poderemos fazer outros tours.
Conceicao da Fonseca
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:33:29 (EST)

China - Setembro 2006 Mais gostei: Muralha da China em Mutianyu, Xian - Terracota e Show da Dinastia Tang, Guilin - Passeio de barco Rio Li, Hangzhou - Pagode das 6 Harmonias, Wuzhen - visita a aldeia, Shanghai- Hardim Yu Yuan, a cidade, passeio de barco Rio Huang Pu, Suzhou - Instituto Nacional de bordado. Guias - Beijing- otimaso um pouco estressada, Xian - muito simpatica e comunicativa, Guilin - alegre, comunicativa e eficiente, Hangzhou e Wuzhen - simpatica, eficiente e muito prestativa, Shanghai - normal, bom, mas um pouco afobado talvez por causa do tempo dos passeios exprimidos. Todos os motoristas - bons O que nao gostei - Shanghai o transito e falta de papel higienico nos banheiros, nao ter garfo e faca no almoco em Wuzhen, Xian, Hangzhou, Guilin, Beijing - banheiros publicos mal cheiro e falta de papel, Como podemos melhorar - depende do governo. Sugerir aos turistas levarem um garfo para as refeicoes.
Rafaela P. de Oliveira
SaoPaulo , SP BRAZIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:27:36 (EST)

China - Maio 2006 Sem exageros nem agrados em especial eu adorei a viagem. So tivemos 2 porens que a vista dos maravilhosos nao foi nada. Voce foi muito feliz ao escolher este roteiro. Nao precisa mexer em nada, esta perfeito, para mim. Se voce quiser se esmerar mais acrescente uma noite em Xian. Te agradeco de coracao o carinho que voce teve conosco em especial com minha mae e espero te ver em breve numa proxima viagem com meu pai ao Canada. Beijos e ate breve das amigas Sebastiana e Francinette.
Sebastiana e Francinette
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:15:43 (EST)

China- Maio 2006 Gostei mais: um bom entrosamento entre os membros do grupo, bons hoteis e bem localizados, boas orientacoes sobre cada local visitado, o roteiro de viagem foi excelente, os guias foram muito simpaticos, as explicacoes foram claras e esclarecedoras. Nao gostamos: tempo muito curto na cidade de Xian, foi muito corrido. No Beijing Hotel o cafe da manha tinha um ruido dos carrinhos de transporte dos pratos novos e usados e faltou sossego. Faltou as guias nos acompanharem nas refeicoes que podiem orientar e fazer companhia. O costume de cobrarem durante as refeicoes a bebida que se pede alem do fornecido.
Pedro e Rita Friedlander
Sao Paulo , SP BRAZIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:11:51 (EST)

Ha sido un viaje maravilloso, estamos encantados, laatencion de los guias, buenoshoteles, especial cuidadosenlos viajes, explicaciones interessantes, enfinmuybien cuidados cada detalles. Todos nos hegustadomucho. Durante lospaseosenautobus, que pongan algo musical. Lo que no fue de buen agrado es la visita despues de haberalmozado, que nos llevava por el monumento a Mao enLijiang, cruzando por esascalles de escalerasestaticasen mal olor. Se puede evitar subiendo por donde mismo bajamos y asi nos evitan este mal ato. Lodemasfue excepcional, hasta hoymanana continuamos a Hong Kong, esperamos sea como hemos esperado con este grupo. Durante los paseos en autobus,
武汉麻将 MIAMI , FLORIDA USA - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:06:34 (EST)

Ha sido un viaje maravilloso, estamos encantados, laatencion de los guias, buenoshoteles, especial cuidadosenlos viajes, explicaciones interessantes, enfinmuybien cuidados cada detalles. Todos nos hegustadomucho. Durante lospaseosenautobus,
MIAMI , FLORIDA USA - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 15:02:40 (EST)

China - Maio 2006 O melhor foi Lijiang, mas nao tivemos tempo suficiente para curti-la. A vista a muralha deveria ser prioritario as compras, claro que depende das condicoes do tempo. No nosso caso, tal passeio foi dexado para o ultimo dia e se caisse um temporal naoteriamos como usufruir do passeio. Os hoteissao muito bons. Poderia sugerir um passeio por volta do lago ou mesmo um jantar em algum restaurante daquele lugar (perto de onde fizemos o passeio do Hutong). Sao apenas sugestoesja que todo o passeio foi muito bom, e, em especial a atencao da "promotora" que sempre foi incansavel no auxilio a todos.
Ronaldo Carnot de Almeida
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 14:59:57 (EST)

China - Maio 2006 O roteiro geografico foi emocionante. Os hoteis foram satisfatorios. Os programas e que poderiam ser melhordistribuidos. A melhor cidade foi Li Jiang (pouco tempo para curti-la). Distribuir melhor o tempo entre almoco, jantar, compras, passeios. Em Pequim ha a possibilidade de difersificar os restaurantes como por exemplo, italianos, japones, arabes, etc. Ana Maria Barcellos Modesto
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 14:56:38 (EST)

Tudo perfeito. A Boni e maravilhosa. O roteiro foi otimo apenas Xian merecia mais um dia. Parabens a todos os organizadores. Espero que a Boni continue para que possamos viajarmos juntas novamente. Nadir Carmo e Vitor
Nadir e Vitor Hugo Carmo
Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brasil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 14:54:12 (EST)

Prezada Bonnie, Estou de volta ao Brasil, depois de minhas excelentes viagens. Fiquei muito contente de conhecer a China com sua colaboracao. Voceeh uma profissional bastante atenta a tudo e disponivel para tornar a viagem, as vezes, cansativa, muito agradavel. Eu aproveito para agradecer mais uma vez e, voce pode ter a certeza que vou recomenda-la para todos que quiserem conhecer a China ou outros paises. Como prometido gostaria de assinalar que os aspectos positivos de nossa viagem foram os seguintes: 1/ entrosamento do grupo; 2/ possibilidade de conhecer diferentes cidades; 3/ variedade de comidas e em alguns restaurantes, excelente ****; 4/ grandes caminhadas; 5/ excelentes hoteis; 6/ cumprimento do programa. Os aspectos negativos foram: 1/ espaco entre as refeicoes muito limitado; 2/ tempo muito limitado em determinadas cidades; 3/ muito tempo para as compras. E as sugestoes seriam: 1/ privilegiar algumas cidades (Xi'An, por exemplo); 2/ retirar do roteiro algumas visitas que considerei desnecessarias; 3/ diminuir o tempo das compras, para as pessoas que assim o desejarem; 4/ incluir comida ocidental, uma vez por semana; 5/ apresentar uma visao resumida da historia da China e a programacao para o grupo no primeiro dia (muitas pessoas nao leem antes da viagem). Um forte abraco e ate a breve, eu espero. America Maria America Ungaretti
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 12:52:11 (EST)

Transporte aereo, refeicoes, visitas, hotel tudo realizado de acordo com o programa sem nenhum problema Composicao do grupo 6 americanos, 3 filipinos, 2 familiares de Bonnie. Guias falavam ingles Bonnie tentou suprimir a dificuldade o que fez razoavelmente. Huangshannao gostei. Talvez Guilin que fazia parte de outro programa. Conclusao: razoavel cumprindo em torno de 75% das minhas expectativas. Considerando a ausencia de um companheiro para dividir a habitacao fiquei durante toda a viagem sozinho.
Pedro Henrique
Riko de Janeiro , RJ BRAZIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 11:09:55 (EST)

Viagem a China Bonnie, A viagem foi excelente, o roteiro, as guias, hotéis, comida e passeios foram muito bem organizados. Obrigado pela sua atenção e perfeito trabalho. Gostaria de numa oportunidade conversar sobre outros roteiros, viajamos duas a três vezes por ano e necessitamos de sugestões. Abraço Jean-Pierre Michel Sauron
Jean Pierre Sauron
武汉麻将 Sao Paulo, SP BRAZIL - Monday, October 30, 2006 at 00:09:47 (EST)

Dear Bonnie and Fabia - it was a wonderful trip Down Under, especially in your good company and care. Perth was much like our California central coast without the hills, but with white sandy beaches and the warmer Indian Ocean. And again, heartfelt thanks for making the trip so carefree and such fun. Fondly, Dawnna
Dawna McDougall
San Louis Obispo, CA USA - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 23:15:51 (EST)

"UMA VIAGEM PERFEITA a CHINA" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obrigada por tudo e que muitos possam voltar felizes !!!!!!!!!!!! MR ROQUETE & MRS MELLO - CLIENTES "FOLK TRAVEL"
Rio de Janeiro , RJ BRAZIL - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 22:22:28 (EST)

Dear Bonnie Would you please pass my sincere thank you to Virginia for sending a guide and driver for the Scobles when they arrive in Lima. It makes me more comfort as they do not speak the language and would have had difficulties in locating the storage place. Once again, thank you Bonnie and Virginia for assisting to arrange this fabulous trip for the Scobles to Peru. Best regards
Therese Alonco
武汉麻将 Sydney , NSW Australia - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 22:04:21 (EST)

Bonnie A viajem foi otima. Correu tudo bem . Tivemos muito pouco imprevistos.Os guias foram medios. Alguns ótimos, outros fracos e medios. Pena eu não ter tido a oportunidade de estar com você , pois fiquei sem comer o pato de pequim que tanto gostaria.Na viajem de volta Pequim Los Angeles passei muito mal . Peguei uma bacteria na China. Ao chegar em LA precisei ser atendida por medico. Tive muita dificuldade com a comida chinesa. Ainda bem que foi somente no final , pois caso contrario teria atrapalhado a minha viajem. Com exceção do hotel de Xangai que era ruim e mal localizado , os demais foram ótimos.
Paula Markeson
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ BRAZIL - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 21:51:13 (EST)

Hello ladies, just a note to thank you soooooooo very much for planning such a wonderful trip for Tonia and I. Brazil was truly one of the best experiences of my life! I have been telling everyone nonstop about our adventures there and cannot thank you both enough. I'll email again shortly to give you a complete break down, but didn't want any more time to pass w/o me saying thank you. Looking fwd to planning my next wonderful vacay (Bonnie, would love to connect w/you in the next few months to get your advice on Italy vs. Greece). Take care and again thank you so very much. ps. The speed boat tour in Rio was the absolute BEST. You must recommend that to all of your clients. It was one of the best highlights of our trip. It was awesome. The guides (forgive me I forget their names) were so nice. I really enjoyed it because it was small, which made it intimate. They were so informed and gave so much info and not like "touristy" boring stuff either. I really like that they took us to places off the beaten path so we could really see what Brazilians see as beautiful in their own country, not the tourist traps that everyone usually goes to. I have to say you did a great selection of places for us overall cause now that I think of it, I didn't feel like any of the places were "touristy". They were all naturally beautiful. Also a very nice contrast of city/country. You should definitely keep that combo.
Dawn Kinard
New York , NY USA - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 21:37:14 (EST)

Hi Bonnie--- We had a wonderful trip....really wonderful. All went very well. The Peninsula Hotel, especially, was great as was our guide, Winston, in Beijing. Another highlight was the cruise. All four of us had a wonderful time. Must admit that the other guides ranged from adequate to poor. You won't be surprised to learn that the lightweight tote bags you provided came in very handy. Many thanks for all your organization and suggestions. I would say that the people in Xi'an and Chonquing were adequate. In Yichang and Shanghai they were poor. (NOTE: In Yichang, the boat docked at a different place, requiring all drivers/guides to be notified and directed to the changed location. Ours was one on the last to arrive but that's not why we considered him poor.) Will also say that our vans, particularly in Xi'an, were not always the 'freshest looking' compared to other peoples. However, they always were clean and the drivers helpful. For some strange reason, the driver in Xi'an kept a mop in the van, just behind our seat. Hope this is helpful. As I said, we had a wonderful time. Judy
Judy Monson
New York, NY USA - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 19:33:11 (EST)

Bonnie, Virginia, We are finally home, and I wanted to thank you both for the excellent package you prepared for us. We had a great time and everything was perfect: from the hotels, to the tours and the tour guides themselves, the food, the places (although you are not responsible for that part, I must tell you, what a beautiful country and what nice people everywhere!) As I mentioned, the tour guides were great. Carmen, Alejandra and the driver in Lima (I can't remember his name) were wonderful. They were so nice and helpful! Also, our guide from Arequipa to Colca Canyon, Ruth, was great and very sweet as were the guides in Puno and on the drive from Puno to Cusco. The only one we were not to happy with was the one in Cusco. He was very responsible and punctual, but I'll share a concern with you just in case this is a recurring issue. To be fair this is just a suspicion which cannot be proven, but this is the impression we got. As you know we were in Cusco for 3 nights, followed by another night when we got back from Machu Picchu. When we got to Cusco he took all our papers (including our plane tickets) and took care of getting the rooms, training tickets, etc. It turned out to be that our friends always got the best rooms, the best seats on the train ride (we got only isle seats while they both got windows - we did not get the seats together). It may be just a coincidence, but I found that to be a little strange. In general, the treatment in Cusco is not as personal as in other parts of the country; it must be because they have a lot more tourists than in other places. However, the city itself is just beautiful and we loved it. Talking about loving, we just LOVED the Pachu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. That felt like being in paradise! Following our list of preferred hotels were the Novotel in Cusco, the Cabildo in Arequipa, the Colca Lodge in Colca (loved the hot springs, thanks for the recommendation!) and the Paracas Hotel (what a wonderful, peaceful place!) And last, but not least, thanks for attention to details such as the lunch on the Sacred Valley tour. Only a handful of people in our tour had lunch at the Posada del Inca, which was in an idyllic place. The tour guide explained that it was determined by what our travel agents picked for us, so Thanks! As you can imagine, I've said great things about Peru and the package you guys put together to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, about 8 people here at work asked me about the information, so I gave them the schedule and Bonnie's contact info. And wait till they all see the pictures, for sure you'll get some calls Well, I've tired you enough with this long letter, just wanted to show our appreciation, and yes Bonnie, we'll write in a testimonial on your web page. By the way, I hope you are having a wonderful time in China. Take care, Elena & Alex
Elena and Alex Montalvo
Miami , FLORIDA USA - Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 16:47:47 (EDT)

A viagem foi otima. Correu tudo bem. Tivemos muito poucos imprevistos. Os guias foram medios. Alguns otimos, outros fracos e medios. Pena eu nao ter tido a oportunidade de estar com voce pois fiquei sem comer o pato de Pequim que tanto gostaria. Com excecao do Ocean Hotel de Shanghai que era ruim e mal localizado, os demais foram otimos.
Paula Markeson
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro , RJ Brazil - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 00:13:10 (EDT)

Queria te agradecer por tudo, a viagem foi um sucesso, toas adoraram e obviamente temos algumas coisas a comentar mas acho que voce foi impecavel.
Alice Medici
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 00:10:24 (EDT)

Hi Bonnie, This is a very big "Thank you" to yourself for all the work that went into making our recent trip to China with "Tee's Group" the success that it was. We had a wonderful, well organised and extremely interesting holiday. Your choice of guides (especially Tong, Marsha and Winston) earned top marks from our entire group. Our hotels were excellent, the cruise boat just wonderful and the meals were a real surprise - absolutely delicious and more then we could eat at any one seating everywhere we went. Peter and I look forward to meeting you when you come to Sydney this year. Until then - best wishes from us both.
Doris and Peter Broadfoot rarewhisky@optusnet.com.au
Kirrawee, NSW AUSTRALIA - Sunday, May 29, 2005 at 02:56:09 (EDT)

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful land arrangements you made for our recent South American cruise. Having you make the arrangements for our small group of people we knew made the trips that much more special. All the local guides you arranged were excellent. They were knowledgeable and accommodating. I want to particularly mention Licia, our host in Rio de Janeiro. She had to be flexible to accommodate the delays we experienced in disembarking from our ship. Despite the delays she was able to make arrangements so as to cause the least disruption to our visit. She was also most helpful in arranging for our luggage check in for our flights. Your recommendation to stay within the park at the Iguassu Falls was excellent. To have the Falls at our doorsteps and the serenity of the park in the evening was marvelous. Our visit to an Estancia where we enjoyed a Gaucho's BBQ and seeing the workings of a horse ranch was most enjoyable. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you for some of our future trips.
Francisco dos Remedios boofar@comcast.net
Seattle, WA USA - Monday, April 25, 2005 at 10:38:58 (EDT)

Nadia Fonseca
武汉麻将 Belo Horizonte , Minas Gerais USA - Friday, April 22, 2005 at 17:26:14 (EDT)

Dear Bonnie, You have to date arranged the following holidays for us and our friends. Portugal, Peru, Chile, Buenos Aires, Rio and China.. Your itineraries, dedication to details, recommendations and guides were experienced and accommodating. The hotels and meals were outstanding. All these contributed to making our holidays most memorable. We wish you success in your business and we look forward to future holidays being arranged by BTC. Therese & Alvaro Alonço Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Therese & Alvaro Alonco
Sydney, AUSTRALIA - Monday, April 18, 2005 at 19:56:50 (EDT)

Bonnie, Thank you so much for the great time in China last December. My wife and I wish to congratulate you for the terrific recommendations and for your utmost attention to detail while working on the trip intinerary. Good hotels, great food, qualified local guidance... By the way, for anyone reading this, take note: LIJIANG (YUNNAN PROVINCE) IS A MUST!!! Heller
HELLER REDO BARROSO heller@bastostigre.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - Monday, May 10, 2004 at 14:03:49 (EDT)

Bonnie, Many thanks for a great job for the Lusitano Club. I enjoyed this trip to Brazil, lots of fun and great people. Hope to see you soon. Orlanda
Orlanda da Costa
San Francisco, CA USA - Monday, January 05, 2004 at 01:19:17 (EST)

Hi Bonnie, Lucy & I would like to congratulate and thank you for putting up such a wonderful trip to both Brazil and Argentina. You were tireless. We wish you every success in your endeavors and above all good health. Lucy & Lionel
Lionel and Lucy Guterres
San Francisco, CA USA - Monday, January 05, 2004 at 01:15:15 (EST)

Thank you for a wonderful vacation to Brazil and Argentina. Being with all of you made it very special. Nancy & Donnie Nancy and Don Cruz
San Francisco , CA USA - Monday, January 05, 2004 at 00:59:36 (EST)

Hi bonnie, Since we last spoke in shanghai, the trip has been even more incredible. our guides in Shanghai and Huangshan were exceptional. There are not words to describe the incredible beauty of all aspects of this country. Sam and I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts on our behalf. They are truly appreciated. Again, bonnie, thank you, thank you, thank you for arranging this trip. We cannot wait to come back, bring friends, and and anyone else we can convince! Best regards, Virginia (Chapman) Rosenberg
Virginia C. Rosenberg
武汉麻将 Palm Beach , Florida USA - Sunday, January 04, 2004 at 21:51:49 (EST)

Dear Bonnie, We wanted to thank you again for a memorable vacation in South America this past October, 2003. Rio has to be one of the most scenic cities in the world. Iguassu Falls were simply spectacular. Buenos Aires and Bariloche were also breathtaking. The tours and meals were out of this world. We enjoyed this vacation to the fullest thanks to your careful planning and dedication to detail. We look forward to visiting China with you in the near future. Alex and Elena Montalvo.
Alex & Elena Montalvo elenag@sprynet.com
Miami, Fla. U.S.A. - Saturday, November 01, 2003 at 17:17:07 (EST)

Bonnie: Thank you again so much for our trip to Brasil. We really enjoyed the sights in Rio, meeting so many cousins and Uncle Gualo for the first time, the lovely party you gave in Rio, etc, etc. - it was awesome. One of the best trips so far. For sure everyone on the trip had nothing but good things to comment despite the slight stomach problem they had with the food. Several commented on the excellent trip set-up. Everyone loved the tour guide Alicia (the best many commented) so definitely remember her for your future tours in Rio. Maria
Maria Roliz
武汉麻将 San Francisco, CA USA - Wednesday, October 29, 2003 at 01:09:06 (EST)

Hi Bonnie and Liliana: I would like to share these tidbits with you about my recent trip to Brazil - August 2003. My last trip to Brazil was between 8 to 10 years ago so l was certainly due for a visit. I am glad that I went and I promise myself that I will be back to visit soon again. Bahia Our tour guide, Carlos, was just great. He was always there for us and even went beyond the call of duty. We certainly appreciated the extras such as being able to give us change for US dollars and having calling cards available for purchase. The tours were well conducted. The meals were delicious and there was certainly plenty to eat. Everyone in the group was pleased. The hotel was like home away from home. We were comfortable and the service was pleasant. I will continue to promote this itinerary and will be pleased to accompany another group. Rio I like Fatima very much. She also went beyond the call of duty. She even came out to the hotel on her day off just to make sure that those taking optional tours were ok. The rain did put a damper on the trip especially in Rio but that is just nature doing its thing. I am pleased that my clients were assigned to decent size rooms at the Luxor Continental. The hotel service was very good and I like the property. The lunch at Marius in Rio was very special. We like that a lot. It was a good choice. I would like to thank you both for your help. Bonnie, thanks for your patience and putting up with my endless correspondence. With appreciation, Joyce L. Durante' Global Impressions
Joyce Durante
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, October 29, 2003 at 01:02:33 (EST)

BONNIE - Once again I was privileged to be on one of your trips and enjoyed this one just as much. Rio is beautiful and I hope to return sometime in the future. Being with all of you at Regina's birthday party was the icing on the cake. Keep me in mind in the future.
Joyce Andrews jeandr@earthlink.net
Miami, Fl USA - Sunday, May 04, 2003 at 16:39:47 (EDT)

Bonnie, I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all your time, kindness and assistance offered during our travel to Rio de Janeiro April 15-21. Your personal efforts afforded each one of us the chance to experience the beauty and wonderment of your country. Each member of our group added their own flavor to be enjoyed and savored. Once again thanks a million!! Gina thank you for thinking of me to invite me to so grand an occasion. I look forward to our next travel venture.
Wynona Jones
武汉麻将 Miami, FL USA - Saturday, May 03, 2003 at 02:47:52 (EDT)

Dear Bonnie, Our trip was awesome, and John and I both thank you so much for the excellent arrangements you made!! Everything went without a hitch, and we really enjoyed the tour guides in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Seeing Hong Kong was a highlight for John, who would like to return someday and spend more time there. Our guide in Bangkok, Nat, was so sweet and very informative, and everybody loved the longtale boat ride on the Chao Phrya. Brb and I had a wondersul, relaxing week after the group left. She was able to spend some time in a Chinese pharmacy at Wararoat Market in Chiang Mai getting herbs for our missionary. I know we will want to use your services the next time we take a mission team. You were always on top of everything and so prompt to answer questions. I anticipate our next trip will be in 2005, since our son is being married at the end of this year, and in 2004 a children's choir from the mission will be coming to the U.S. I've attached a picture of the team visiting a government school in far northern Thailand. Our missionary Tete is the Asian woman wearing the bright blue native blouse. God bless you for your help in making this mission trip one of the best!!!
John and Karen Bass
Karen Bass
Milwaukee, WI USA - Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 22:36:21 (EST)

I enjoyed our two-weeks trip around Portugal immensely - thanks to BTC.
Gerard Ozorio
武汉麻将 Bondi, Australia - Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 00:21:14 (EST)

I sure had a great time in Shanghai. The visit to Park Apartments, French Park and my home at Rue Lafayette brought me back many memories - many thanks to you. I would love to go back in the near future. Looking forward to the Brazil vacation next year.
Orlanda Da Costa
Concord, CA USA - Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 00:18:30 (EST)

To get people to travel together is not a hard task, but to provide a service beyond your expectations not anyone can do it. Bonnie, your ability, knowledge, upbeat spirit and caring disposition make your tours and enjoyable and a fun trip. That extra mile providing the best hotels, the best food, the best sights and the best shoppings make the trip unforgetable, and when it comes to the end you have that feeling: "I'll save my vacation and money for a next trip with BTC". I can't figure out what was the best sight or place. Shanghai is such a fascinating and sophisticated city... Xi'an with superb sights such as the Big Goose Pagoda and the City Wall, and the impressive Great Mosque. When we reached Terracota my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing... all I did was treasure the history, culture and human civilization learned by listening and seeing... The Tang Dinasty was one of my favorite dinner/show with exotic dishes in an environment so relaxing and beautiful with the dances and music played with Chinese instruments. Beijing is my favorite city with its ancient style and pretty sceneries. I don't like cruises but the Yantze River cruise was gorgeous and unforgetable with the picturesque sights, the very old Chinese towns, the myths and philosophy of ancient China in the mountains, it was marvelous! The hotels? The best. The food? The best. The sights and shows? The best. Conclusion: Every time I travel with BTC to China it's the best time of my life!
Regina Braga reginabraga@yahoo.com
Miami, Florida USA - Monday, November 25, 2002 at 13:01:23 (EST)

To form a group of people to travel is not that hard, but to care for the travelers, look into details, create an environment of fun and enjoyment trying to please each an everyone, only you, Bonnie have the ability and upbeat spirit. It seems that you are after so many years continuing your grandfather's "Agence Roliz". I can't tell which was the most impressive sight in China. The Yantze River cruise was gorgeous with its beauty and picturesque views of nature and the towns along the river. Shanghai is such a fascinating and sophisticated city... Xi'an with the superb sights of the City Wall and the most impressive scenes of the GreatMosque, the Tang Dinasty show and dinner with exotic dishes, colorful, and unforgetable dances with the different Chinese instruments... then the Terracota where we treasured the history, culture and human civilization. Beijing with its ancient style and beautiful scenery is a place you need to go to view, and enjoy the Peking Duck and the Imperial Dinner as well the historic sights and marvelous shoppings. The food in the tour... the best! The hotels in the tour... the best! The sights in the tour... the best! Every time I travel to China, it's the best time of my life! Kudos, Bonnie!
Regina Braga reginabraga2003@yahoo.com
Miami, Florida USA - Monday, November 25, 2002 at 12:30:01 (EST)

I really couldn't express myself any better thenPris did, she summed it up perfectly, It was a wonderful trip. To see Dubail Apt, like it was , made me quite proud, It was in such good condition. Anyway I am glad to have been on this trip, and thank you both for everything, Bonnie for the wonderful organising of Hotels and Tours,It is always a pleasure to do anything that is organised by you both, and I am sure that Paul joins me in this thanks. Hope to see you all real soon again.
Ann Marie Den Hoed
武汉麻将 Durban, South Africa - Monday, November 25, 2002 at 00:11:36 (EST)

China es un lugar muy bonito, limpio. Su gente muyamable, sonriente y dispuesta a ayudar. La ciudad es sorprendente por suarquitecturatan moderna. Es un viaje maravilloso que vale la pena no hacer, sino de haberoportunidad, de repetir. We enjoyed our trip to China very much because you give us such wonderful tips of where to buy and how to bargain. Also you make the group, though sometimes difficult to keep everybody happy, keep together and keep calm. It was like a family trip, but very organized and even having the chance of going to the massages and different places that were not included but we manage to have the time to visit.
Gilda Garza
武汉麻将 Mexico City, Mexico - Friday, November 15, 2002 at 13:08:15 (EST)

Querida Bonnie, China fueun viaje de amigos increiblemente encantador. Realmente ud. demostromuchapaciencia, eficiencia y nos dedico muchopersonalmente a cada viajera de sutiempoacercandonosmuchisimo de sumaravilloso y gran pais. Todo nos encanto y seraennuestrorecuerdoinolvidable. Mil - mil gracias por habernos guiado, explicado y traidosconbien de regreso a casa.
Gertrud Giffhorn
Mexico City, Mexico - Friday, November 15, 2002 at 12:44:39 (EST)

Bonnie, my mother and I would like to thank you very much for the great trip to China we had this past August 2002. We really enjoyed it very much and I hope someday we would go together to Brazil or other exhotic country. It also was a great pleasure to meet your family. It really was an unforgetable travel. Un abraco, Mabel
Mabel Hollstein MHollstein@imf.org
McLean, VA 22101 - Tuesday, November 05, 2002 at 17:49:54 (EST)

In February this year Bonnie organiseda herbal medicine study trip for me. I can highly recommend China-life tours and the institution I studied in. Bonnie's help and patience was amazing, no request was too much trouble for her and she was just so helpful and kind throughout the whole process. Everything was extremely organised, from someone picking me up from the airport to having my own translator, who had an extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (this is vital, as I have experienced going through other companies were the translators didn't understand the terminology). I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and found the experience there invaluable. I just want to extend my thanks again to Bonnie and everyone in Beijing for all their help and kindness.
Laura Hutchinson hutchinsonlaura_@hotmail.com
武汉麻将 Liverpool, Merseyside England - Monday, November 04, 2002 at 13:11:59 (EST)

Hi Bonnie & Maria: I can't even begin to tell you how much our whole family enjoyed this trip, especially me! Just being able to locate the apartment I grew up in and some of the other spots in old Shanghai was worth the entire tour, and I can't really thank Bonnie enough for all the work and effort she put in to help. Everything was so changed. 50 years can be several lifetimes, and the scraggly trees that lined the streets in Frenchtown now dominate with their graceful canopies, changing even the feeling of those areas. I could go on and on..... But right now, I just wanted to thank you both for putting together such a wonderful tour. We stayed in the best hotels, had the best food and best entertainment - for the least cost!! We couldn't have asked for more. On behalf of all our extended family - the Canavarros, den Hoeds, and Weiss', and including Susie's friend, Eloise - our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation on a job well done. Now I know how people feel when they go looking for their roots, and come up roses..... All I can say is, again, Thanks for a most memorable experience! Sincerely, Pris& Ken
P. Canavarro
San Francisco , CA USA - Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 02:34:21 (EST)

My husband, Jerry, and I were really debating whether or not to join Bonnie's tour group in August. We knew it was going to be a hot time! It turned out to be one of the best trips we have ever gone on. Never have we been able to "sweat it out" with so many relatives before. I think that the Yangtze River cruise was the most enjoyable part. To be able to see what we did before the flooding takes place is something that we will always remember. Will definitely return for full time shopping either in Beijing or Shanghai!!!
Mary Lou Hook
San Jose, CA USA - Monday, October 28, 2002 at 13:14:11 (EST)

Hi Bonnie, Eneida and I had a great time in China last August. You organized the trip thinking of every detail, including different things such as a visit to a kindergarden, lunch at a Chinese family's house that gave us the opportunity to experience a real life of Chinese people. The temples, the restaurants, the sightseeings were all carefully and wisely chosen. We recommend you tours because they show your high level of professionalism. Congratulations!!!
Kyra Rosmaninho kyra.rosmaninho@ual.com
武汉麻将 Sao Paulo, SP Brazil - Friday, October 25, 2002 at 15:47:44 (EDT)

Bonnie, I had such a great time on the trip! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience China when I did. The river cruise was absolutely fantastic; that was my favorite part. I loved how well you handled everything - any time a crisis came up (especially at the airports!) you took care of it perfectly with no flaws. Thank you for being so wonderful, and again I had such an amazing time!
Marie Andrews Beachgirls8688@aol.com
Edgewater, FL USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 20:05:01 (EDT)

Bonnie - The trip to China in August was just the best.It's hard to know where to begin because you do such a terrific job.Everything is so positive - good hotels, good food,variety of sightseeing and shopping is tops with your expertise. I hope I will be privileged to be on one of your escorted trips again.
Joyce Andrews
Miami, Florida USA - Monday, October 21, 2002 at 21:57:23 (EDT)

Hi Bonnie: > Gordon and I both want to thank you personally for your hospitality during > the past week. > You did a superlative job in leading our tour. We enjoyed ourselves > tremendously and everyone in the group cannot rave enough about the service > provided by Braga Travel Consultants. Give yourself a big pat on the back. > Let's try for Brazil in the next couple of years...... > Thanks very much again for all you do and continue to do for Lusitano! > ~Virginia
virginiayoshida vyoshida@redpoint.com
武汉麻将 San Mateo, CA USA - Monday, October 21, 2002 at 12:24:21 (EDT)

Dear Bonnie, We want to thank you for the wonderful trip in August. A trip very well organized that we will never forget, a FIVE STARS TOUR. My husband Enrique said that he was very happy and very impressed for your human nature and professionalism. We want to let you know that we really did enjoy the trip. We have good memories of China, we like it very much, and we want to thank you for all your help, friendship, and efforts done. If you have any other tour in mind, please let us know, including a Victoria Cruise Yangtze River follow up.
Amalia Paredes
Washington , DC USA - Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 19:57:32 (EDT)

Por este intermédio, permito-me registrar a minha satisfação por ter participado da viagem à China ("Friendly China - August 4-16, 2002"), organizada pela sua Braga Travel Consulting. A qualidade dos hoteis, a inteligência na organização dos passeios, os excelentes guias, que nos proporcionaram verdadeiras aulas de história e de filosofia chinesas, fizeram-me sonhar com outras excursões. Por acréscimo, todo o grupo contou com a sua incansável presteza e disponibilidade.Obrigada, Bonnie! Um abraço da Tehil
Tehil C Oliveira
武汉麻将 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - Friday, August 23, 2002 at 10:37:31 (EDT)

Had a wonderful trip. China was really fascinating. I plan to make a return trip someday. Kim and I had the best of time exploring, hanging out, wheeling and dealing with the local merchants and just spending time together with the family. Thanks for making this trip such a wonderful experience and adventure. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to take the China trip. Would have hated missing the river cruise. The scenery was just spectacular!
Christine Bernal Silva
East Orange, New Jersey USA - Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 05:36:02 (EDT)

The Trip to Australia and Fiji went very smoothly! The hotels were great (even better than the pictures!). All the transfers were prompt and the meals were all very good. I have no complaints at all (that is a first for me). I loved Sydney and would love to go back. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time we were in Fiji but we made the best of it! thanks for all your hard work, stephanie
Stephanie Anderson
武汉麻将 Laguna Blanca, California USA - Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 05:14:06 (EDT)

On behalf of all the Canavarro family, our sincere appreciation and thanks.... Individually, we all had the best possible time. Right from the very first day. And the side trip to Guilin truly added to the pleasure. Maria and Bonnie, you are so organized and accommodating that I am quite speechless with admiration. Everything was managed to perfection - no fuss, no objections, just can do's! All the Best.
P. Canavarro
San Francisco, CA USA -

We have returned safely from our trip to Beijing, China! The family did great - adjusting to the cultural changes very quickly. We had a lot of exciting experiences and our hope is to return there one day. The travel arrangements were great! Erik
Erik Myhrberg
武汉麻将 Tempe, AZ USA -

On behalf of the entire group and Lusitano Club, I wish to thank Ms. Bonnie Braga for her hard work, dedication and constant vigilance to see to it that we had a most memorable trip to Portugal, and inded, we did.
John Leung
San Francisco, Ca U.S.A. -

Bonnie Braga (BTC) and CITS provided my friend and I and excellent tour throughout China, HongKong, Taiwan, and Japan. As 23 year old explorers, we were able to visit many of the touristic attractions and scenery within each country. In addition, we were provided with sufficient opportunities to immerse ourselves into the various cultures and learn from the locals residing there. We enjoyed our travels and exploration in the East and must thank Bonnie Braga for facilitating our cultural learnings. After recently graduating from college, we chose BTC to setup a tour for us and in the end we came out with a sublime and memorable experience.
Gerald Roliz
Berkeley, CA USA -

We had a wonderful time in China (Quality Conference and visits in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou) with MANY thanks to YOU! The Harbour Plaza in Hong Kong was excellent. It brought back many good memories as a feature of the left-hand side of the view was the old airport. I miss that spectacular landing and take off view. You did a wonderful job! Thanks again for helping to make the trip to China and Hong Kong VERY MEMORABLE.
David and KayDawn Todd
Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. -

We had a wonderful time in China (Quality Conference and visits in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou) with MANY thanks to YOU! The Harbour Plaza in Hong Kong was excellent. It brought back many good memories as a feature of the left-hand side of the view was the old airport. I miss that spectacular landing and take off view. You did a wonderful job! Thanks again for helping to make the trip to China and Hong Kong VERY MEMORABLE.
David and KayDawn Todd
武汉麻将 Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. -

Thank you very much for all your hard work putting the trip together. I'M READY TO GO AGAIN. Again, thanks for all you did. I would like you to work the next conference and have Joe and the driver with us again. What a team.
Keith M. Perry
武汉麻将 Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S.A. -

China for me was such a pleasant surprise. And getting to know all of you at the Second China-America Quality Conference was wonderful! Bonnie, you're awesome. I'll travel with you anytime! Thank you for making the trip so enjoyable and educational. You are definitely the right lady to travel with!
Rhonda Sator
武汉麻将 San Francisco, California U.S.A. -

Bonnie - Thanks for planning such a fun trip and for all your help and information.
Angela Niles
Seattle, WA USA -

Thank you, Bonnie, for all your arrangements on our recent trip to Portugal and Spain. You handled the whole tour so professionally and you made sure all our needs were met. It was such a comfort knowing you were with us all the way. I am so thrilled to have met you and appreciate all you do to make us satisfied. Loved Portugal especially! You are definitely the best!
Gaby Sarrazolla
Cypress, CA USA -

Thanks for an excellent planned trip to Portugal and Spain. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to all your efforts and planning.
Maria Roliz
San Francisco, California U.S.A. -

Just want to let you know that we have enjoyed everything in Beijing. The arrangements were perfect and so was our guide Linda as well. Armando Ritchie
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Brazil -

My trip to Alaska and Asia was perfect. One thing called my attention though, the constant support from Bonnie, giving us useful tips and answering all questions and most important, very quickly. The organization was according to our expectations, we got what was promised. Usually, travel agents promise more than they can get you. The assistance in all countries was very helpful. The tours organized in small groups were excellent, escaping from the massive tourism. Another positive point is Bonnie´s knowledge about the places to be visited, giving us the appropriate information avoiding wasting of time and unnecessary expenses. I can tell you, no doubt, Bonnie has the best service in travel.
Paulette Lopes
武汉麻将 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Brazil -

El viaje que realizamos con BTC fue una vivencia enriquecedora ya que el destino elegido fue China con todo lo que representa para unoccidentalinternarseenel mundo oriental;lacapacidad de suconductora intensifico aun mas laexperiencia por suprofesionalidad , cuidado para con sus pasajeros y conocimiento profundo del destino elegido.
Elizabeth Galindez
武汉麻将 Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Here's a few words about my exceptionally wonderful experience provided by BTC: The highly professional care afforded me and the entire group I traveled with, was beyond all expectations. Bonnie's hands on approach eased any ensuing tensions that normally occur with large groups. Her willingness to take care of any and all details, calmed even the most neurotic participants. The schedule was rich with both the fulfillment of our purpose to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and expose us all to the culture of China. We were guided daily, to sites, shopping districts and restaurants that culminated in an exceptionally wonderful experience. Honestly I can't imagine coordinating so seamless an event from the first phone-contact with Bonnie to follow up correspondences two years later. Consummate professionalism and friend are not adequate to describe Bonnie Braga's talent. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!! Thanks for the opportunity to share a few words about you. Yosef Pollack. IL Licensed Acupuncturist NY. WholeHealth Chicago.
Yosef Pollack
武汉麻将 Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. -

It was very nice to go back to China for a visit after over 40 years!! Couldn't recognize the city where we lived (Shangai). Very nice hotels, enjoyed the morning breakfast, delicious Chinese/foreign food. Visited several temples, Shangai Bund. In Beijing, stayed at the beginning of the great walls, didn't try to go up, as my age 88, didn't permit, my children and grandchildren managed to climb up to the 2nd and 6th tower!! The view was so beautiful. Also our visit to Guilin was very nice, with all the mountains and the boat ride, we had a lovely time. Bonnie really worked hard to organize this trip, she even gave everyone a white BTC cap, so it made it easier to identify the group group. Thank you Bonnie for your help and all your effort! Congratulations and continuoussuccess!
Gilberto Braz Collaço
São Paulo, São Paulo Brazil -

We really enjoyed our trip to China. The places visited were very interesting, the guides were very attentive, delicious food, the tour bus and hotels were very comfortable. In Shangai, we could see the whole view of the city from the tower, everything has changed, so many tall buildings, etc. Pitty it was such a short time, there was so much more to be seen. We also enjoyed all the shows at the hotels. Even though it was a long trip, it was worthwhile going. Whoever goes will not regret! Bonnie congratulations to you. Would enjoy going for another trip again!!
Angelina Cecilia Collaço
São Paulo, São Paulo Brazil -

For ANYONE who wishes to design a GROUP TOUR, become part of one, or wishes to travel safely and independently: For the past 3 years the CT. Institute for Herbal Studies has worked with Bonnie to develop a learning program for Oriental Medicine in Beijing. Each year, we are amazed at the skill and sensitivity she shows to both myself and the students attending. Almost everyone has a desire for something different and many times individuals would want to have new cities or study added onto their programs. Bonnie is always accommodating and professional in helping these students. She has worked tirelessly to make sure every detail is in place and that the best fares and costs with value were given. We have had almost 100 students now travel with her and I could not imagine a better way to go. Her connections in China make for easy access to things not often offered by other tour operators. The food has always been exceptional,beautiful hotels, safe areas for tourists and tips on getting around China has made her the only person I would use for my programs....hereor anywhere. It has been my honor to work with such a fair and honest person who always goes the extra mile to help anyone who needs it. The balance of sightseeing and study is perfect and she is without a doubt one of the finest tour leaders in this business (and I have checked other agencies and none compare with her, believe me). I trust you will find this to be true for yourself. Sincerely, Laura Mignosa Ct. Institute for Herbal Studies 87 Market Square Newington, Ct.06111
Laur Mignosa
Newington, CT USA -

Bonnie you are the best
Steve ++++++
San MAteo, CA USA -

Dear Bonnie, We wish to congratulate you for the excellent tour we made to China. All the hotels/meals/transportation were excellent, we wished we had more time for shopping!! You really did a great job, always concerned if everything was perfect and to our satisfaction. All the guides spoke very clearly and were very patient, we had two groups, one with the guide speaking in English and the other in Portuguese, for the Brazilian Group. I will never forget the cities we have visited, Hong Kong (so many modern buildings,shops and shops)Guilin (the boat ride was fantastic... with such beautiful sceneries of the mountains, the river, etc., we also enjoyed the lunch served during the tour), Shanghai (we felt very emotional to see all the places where my parents and my family lived years ago, everything has changed, with so many new modern buildings, viaducts, etc. we also enjoyed the delicious food), Beijing (Temple of Heaven, Great Walls, Forbidden City, Cloisonne Factory - so much art, and history). Thanks Bonnie and congratulations!! I thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and thank you for the well organized program. Successalways!! Jacinta
Jacinta Maria Collaço
São Paulo, São Paulo Brazil -

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